Creative portfolio 2

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RSPCA Campaign

Within this campaign we wanted to highlight the current season of Christmas as well as the RSPCA, through this we came up with a campaign surround by the importance of adopting over the season and making the difference to an animal’s life as well as the addition they have to your family. The campaign shows a Christmas tree made out of dog and cat food, on the tree we have the animals climbing and exploring the tree. This shares the Christmas spirit as well as shares awareness of the importance of adopting animals, rather than buying them from a pet store, these animals need love and affection, and we thought this would be a fun and playful way to give awareness.


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Happy Birthday

for this assessment we have to display happiness through a form of photography, with this I worked with Alana and we created a stop-motion, film using multiple shots of this happy birthday scene. We also shared a giff which was a few of the photographs together to create a fast-moving motion picture. This was an extremely fun and exciting project. I enjoyed working with a partner and the overall project.



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More recently we worked on a campaign focused on Speedo. Working in Groups we had to Pitch an idea for the actual class “The Pitch” together we had to give each other roles as well as work within a team to create a campaign and present it to both Glen and a special representative for Speedo. Above part of the campaign is a swim school, this initiative was about teaching everybody how to swim so that they can to enjoy the Australian culture which very much involves water and beach lifestyle. I enjoyed working with a team and having different dynamics between the five of us.


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For Mobiel Communications we had to create a way for Australian Institute of fitness to reach more of its target audience at a cheap cost, the tech was my part here I found that Bluetooth beacons would allow the user to reach the target audience at no cost at all assuming they have their Bluetooth on. This was a very interesting assessment as it was very technology-based, and made me think about the other ways of reaching an audience.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 10.42.13 PM.png

Ruvbox was a quirky assessment I did for my Advanced digital design class, here we had to revamp a brand. and I had a brand that gave treats to dogs every month which I thought was a cute idea and was apparently a very good business idea as she was doing very well. The issue was that she had a very dated brand, she had no real color scheme, he socials weren’t up to date or current, although this was an exciting fresh canvas in a way. we had a chance to explore all options, I created a website, logo, and merchandise to reflect the brand. it was a really fun experience and allowed me to extend my skills in photoshop.


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